North Monterey County Unified School District
North Monterey County High School
13990 Castroville Boulevard . . . . Castroville, CA 95012 . . . . (831) 633-5221

 Principal: Don Pedroni
Superintendent: Dr. Leo St. John  
Grades: Ninth to Twelth Grade Total Number of School Days: 180 Number of Staff Development Days: 3
Enrollment: 1511 Students Average Daily Attendance: 96% Number of Minimum Days: 3

North Monterey County High School Profile

North County High School is very proud of our teachers, support staff, parents, community, and students. We take great pride in the program we offer our students. North County High School has been recognized on three separate occasions by the state of California for our outstanding program. Recently, North County High received the 1998-99 California Distinguished High School Award.

Every course at North Monterey County High School has a set of "standards" that must be met in order for a student to pass the class and receive credit. These standards describe the most critical aspects of what students should "know and be able to do" at the end of each course. Students are also expected to select and follow a career pathway as part of preparing for life after high school. By examining their personal interests and skills, student begin to get an idea of what they might like to do in the future. They also learn about the level of education necessary to secure different types of jobs. In addition, plans and programs to ensure that every student has the opportunity to pass the new state High School Exit Exam are being put into place.

We pride ourselves on the wide variety of activities offered on campus for students and community members including athletic events, artistic performances, clubs, and organizations. We encourage parent involvement and participation at North County High School.

API Index
Base Score
Growth Target
Actual Growth
State School
Student Subgroup Performance for 2001


College Information for High School Seniors
SAT I Test Results Math Score Verbal Score % Students Tested
1999 471 472 46%
2000 442 438 51%
2001 442 436 49%
High School Seniors Completing the University of California/California State University A to G Entrance Requirements Number Percent
105 33%
Advanced Placement Classes English IV, English Composition, Biology, US History, Economics, Spanish IV, Spanish Literature, and Calculas

Class Size:
The average class size for all grades at North County High School is 23 students per class. Ninth grade Language Arts and Social Studies classes are staffed at a ratio of 20 students per class to encourage achievement. State funds are used to promote the lowest possible class size for all students.

School Safety and Classroom Climate: North County High School provides a safe and positive learning environment for all students. The school discipline plan is reviewed annually with students and parents for clarity and fairness. A school safety plan has been developed by staff in case of an emergency.

Assessment Data:
Each Spring students complete the state required SAT 9 Test. The results are used to improve instruction and student achievement. Three-year results for North County High School are listed by national percentiles in the chart below:
Grade Yr Reading Writing Science Math
Ninth 1999 35 46 45 49
2000 33 50 46 55
2001 36 51 49 55
Tenth 1999 34 35 51 40
2000 29 39 49 42
2001 35 39 48 44
Eleventh 1999 36 39 44 38
2000 32 44 44 45
2001 39 48 49 45

Extra Curricular Activities: North Monterey County High School offers students a wide range of co-curricular and extra-curricular opportunities. Hundreds of students participate in athletics. Fourteen sports are offered for boys and girls in the three competitive seasons. Twenty-seven clubs are available to students under the direction of the Associated Student Body Commission, as part of the schools commitment to student activities. The performing arts curriculum is an important part of the North Monterey County High School program. Students can choose to participate in band, dance, choir and/or drama. Students are encouraged to participate and get involved at North County High.
Expenditures Per Pupil: North Monterey County Unified School District expends $5, 422 per pupil for educational expenses. This is the amount of money allocated for all instructional services, materials, instructional supplies and the transportation of students.

Instructional Minutes: The table below indicates the annual number of instructional minutes by grade at North County High School as compared to the state minimum.
GRADE -> Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
North County 73,100 73,100 73,100 73,100
State Minimum 64,800 64,800 64,800 64,800

Instructional Materials: Instructional materials and textbooks are purchased annually to support the core curriculum. Purchases are aligned with the state textbook adoption cycle. Teachers assess textbooks to determine the best materials available for students. The school uses discretionary funds to purchase additional instructional materials to support classroom instruction.

Use of Technology: Technology is considered a "tool" for teaching and learning at North County. Our classrooms and offices are wired for the Internet, as are the computers in our three labs. Students do research on the net, communicate with peers in other countries as part of Foreign language classes, learn to maintain and repair computers and computer networks, use digital cameras in photography and yearbook production, and generate most of their papers and projects on word processors. We are a Digital High School for the year 2000.

Quality of Instruction and Leadership: North County Unified takes great pride in the quality of the instructional programs and leadership provided by both certificated and classified staff. Our teachers are dedicated to providing all students a quality instructional program, and each staff member is committed to improving student learning. Principals are carefully selected for their knowledge of instructional programs and their ability to work with parents and staff. We believe that leadership and program quality is a shared responsibility. Parents, teachers and staff must work collaboratively to develop effective instructional programs.
North County High School Staff
Teachers Credentialed Emergency Credential
80 69 11

Staff Development: The focus for staff development in North County is to improve grade level curriculum to meet the new state standards. Three annual staff development days focus on developing classroom strategies for teachers to improve student learning. Teachers are provided additional opportunities to attend workshops that enhance student achievement. North County High School has a block schedule, allowing students to concentrate their studies each semester. Teachers have a common preparation period each morning for planning.

Salary Comparisons: The district assigns about 45% of the total budget to teacher salaries. Salary ranges for teachers are as follows:
Salary Range Low Average High
District $32,280 $52,826 $65,519
State $31,548 $49,405 $60,360

Salary ranges for administrators are as follows:
Salary Range District Average State Average
Principal $78,844 $76,993
Superintendent $126,673 $111,506

Teacher Evaluation Process: The teacher evaluation process is designed to improve instructional practices and student learning. Teachers are required to establish and review instructional goals with the site principal annually. The evaluation process includes several informal classroom visitations and two formal teacher observations by the evaluator. The observation process also includes: a pre-conference prior to the observation and a post conference following the lesson. A written summary of the evaluation is completed following each formal observation. Evaluations are completed annually for all new employees and every other year for tenured teachers. Evaluation procedures are detailed within the teacher contract.
Facilities and Cleanliness: North County High School was constructed in 1978. New construction and building improvements have been made to improve the campus. In addition, modernization projects have upgraded facilities to meet the changing needs of the school. North County High School provides all of our students the proper classroom space and facilities necessary for an effective and safe learning environment. The school also provides students adequate physical education equipment and play fields for safe recreational activities. The school is cleaned and maintained daily by a full time custodial staff.

Availability of Qualified Substitutes: The district recruits and assigns substitute teachers to each school as needed. Substitute teachers are required to have earned a Bachelor’s Degree, pass the state CBEST exam and possess or be eligible for a Substitute Teacher Credential. The district maintains an active pool of available substitutes. Many of these teachers have worked in the district for a number of years. Substitutes are assigned to each school based on qualifications, teacher request and classroom need. The district has been able to recruit and maintain a sufficient number of qualified substitute teachers to cover the needs of each school.

Counseling and Support Services: The following support services are provided to North County High School:
Service Time Service Time
Nurse 10% 5 Counselors 100%
Psychologist 40% Speech Therapist 30%
Library Clerk 100% SIP Coordinator 50%

Classroom Discipline and Climate for Learning: The administration and staff of North County High School believe that students have a right to learn and teachers have a right to teach in a positive and supportive classroom environment. School-wide and classroom rules are designed to provide a disciplined and positive learning environment for all students based on mutual respect.
Behaviors Requiring; 1999 2000 2001
Suspensions 195 277 213
Expulsions 2 6 8

Homework Policy: Homework is an essential extension of the classroom and is regularly assigned to students at all grade levels. Homework is designed to reinforce skills introduced in the classroom at appropriate age and ability levels.

Attendance Requirements: Regular school attendance is important for student learning and achievement. Students are encouraged to arrive to class on time every day. Students with attendance problems are referred to the School Attendance Review Board (SARB).

Student Recognition Programs: The development of a positive self-concept is an important part of the instructional program at North County High School. School-wide recognition for academic progress, citizenship and appropriate behavior support this effort. Students receive positive recognition at scheduled assemblies. Parents are encouraged to support these efforts and attend the awards assembly.

A Community of Caring: We are proud of the fact that all schools within the North Monterey Unified School District participate in the Community of Caring Program.

Our beliefs focus on five essential values of Family, Caring, Responsibility, Respect and Trust.


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