Indus Valley Timeline

3000 BC The earliest civilization in India seems to have grown out of small communities that had settled in the Indus Valley.
3000 BC Farming communities are established in northwest India
2500 BC The first toys were made of baked clay.
2400 BC The Indus Valley civilization reaches it's peak.
1800 BC Signs of decline appear in some Indus Valley sites.
1500 BC Indo-Europeans, calling themselves Aryans, occupied the area.
1000 BC Then the Aryans began to drift east as far as the Ganges.
480 BC A new religion was formed ,Buddhism.The first Buddha was an Indian prince, Siddhartha Gautama.
250 BC Asoka wages war against the Kingdom of Kalinga, which is now modern day Orissa.
248 BC Asoka becomes ruler of Mauryan Empire in India.
248 BC Asoka makes Edicts to announce Buddhism to his Empire.
220 BC Asoka ( grandson of Alexander the Great) conquered most of the subcontinent.He was a great leader. Later in his life he comitted to Buddhism and left military conquest.